Storefront REST API

Use our public REST API from your storefront to build custom displays with your data.


This is a public API that is intended to be used on a storefront or other public client to retrieve data from Okendo.


This API is organised around REST with resource-based CRUD operations. Parameters for GET requests should be provided in the query string whereas POST/PUT request parameters should be provided as JSON in the body. JSON is also used for responses, including errors.


No authentication is required.


When listing large amounts of data, not all of it can be returned in a single request. We use pagination to break data up into reasonably sized chunks. When listing a resource, the response may include a nextUrl property to indicate that another page of results is available:

    "reviews": [],
    "nextUrl": "/reviews..."

Append the nextUrl to the base path and make a GET request to that URL to retrieve the next page of results. Repeat this process until you have all the results you need or there are no more pages of results (there will be no nextUrl).


When making repeated, identical calls to this API your response may be served from a cache. When this occurs any changes to the data since the response was cached may not be included. Making the request again after a short delay will refresh the results with any new changes.


This API is not currently versioned but versioning will be implemented at a later date. While we endeavour to provide backwards compatible updates, exact model stability is not guaranteed.

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