Reviews Modal Trigger


Trigger a reviews widget to appear in a modal (pop-up) when the user clicks on an element on your online store.


Place the data-oke-reviews-modal-trigger data attribute on any HTML element e.g. <div> <button> <span>. When Widget Plus initializes it will find any tags with that data element and add click behavior to them.

Data Attributes

Data AttributeDescriptionValue TypeSupported ValuesRequired


This tells Widget Plus to show a modal/pop up when the customer clicks the element.



Used to specify a Shopify Product ID with the word shopify- in front of it. The reviews modal will only show reviews for the specified product.


Any valid product ID in the format shopify- e.g. shopify-1234567.


Used to specify an Okendo Group ID so that the reviews badge widget will only show aggregate review data for the specified group of products.


Any valid product group ID in a GUID format e.g. 69d2e67d-b980-4333-97b7-30411807a7b1


Giving The Widget A Data Source

Without specifying a data source for the reviews, the widget will show all reviews for your store. You can provide either a Product ID or a Group ID to use that as the data source for the reviews.

Product Widget

<div data-oke-reviews-modal-trigger data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>"></div>

Group Widget

<div data-oke-reviews-modal-trigger data-oke-reviews-group-id="<GROUP_ID>"></div>

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