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Media Grid Widget


Promote a sense of brand community with a media gallery widget that displays customer-generated photos and videos in a large, high-impact media grid. Available in a variety of different styles, the Media Grid can also show approved UGC from Foursixty.


Shopify Online Store 2.0
Shopify Vintage Theme
Instructions for a Shopify Online Store 2.0 installation can be found here.
  1. 1.
    Create a new liquid snippet in the snippets folder with the following name: snippets/okendo-reviews-media-grid.liquid
  2. 2.
    Inside your newly created liquid file, add the following HTML snippet:
    <div data-oke-media-grid></div>
  3. 3.
    Customize your snippet with the data attributes listed here.
  4. 4.
    Copy the following snippet and place it in your Theme Code where you would like the widget to appear: {% render 'okendo-reviews-media-grid' %}


The preferred method of configuring the Media Grid is via the Okendo Admin which can be accessed in the Okendo app via Reviews -> On-Site Displays:

Data Attributes

Data Attribute
Value Type
Supported Values
Used to specify a Shopify Product ID with the word shopify- in front of it. The reviews widget will only show reviews for the specified product.
Any valid product ID in the format shopify- e.g. shopify-1234567.
Used to specify an Okendo Group ID so that the reviews widget only shows reviews for the specified group of products.
Any valid product group ID in a GUID format e.g. 69d2e67d-b980-4333-97b7-30411807a7b1


Giving The Widget A Data Source

Without specifying a data source for the media, the widget will show all media for your store. You can provide either a Product ID or a Group ID to use that as the data source for the media.

Product Widget

<div data-oke-carousel data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>"></div>

Group Widget

<div data-oke-carousel data-oke-reviews-group-id="<GROUP_ID>"></div>