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The Reviews Widget can be configured to show a Questions tab as part of a combined widget. This article describes how to include a standalone Questions Widget without reviews.

The Questions Widget lists questions that customers have asked and answers you've provided to them.


Instructions for a Shopify Online Store 2.0 installation can be found here.


The preferred method of configuring the Questions Widget is via the Okendo Admin which can be accessed in the Okendo app via Reviews -> On-Site Displays:

Data Attributes

Use these data attributes on the widget markup to customize its configuration. None of these attributes are required.

Data AttributeDescriptionValue TypeSupported Values


Used to specify a Shopify Product ID with the word shopify- in front of it. The star snippet will only show aggregate data for a particular product.


Any valid product ID in the format shopify- e.g. shopify-1234567.


Used to specify an Okendo Group ID so that the reviews widget only shows reviews for the specified group of products.


Any valid product group ID in a GUID format e.g. 69d2e67d-b980-4333-97b7-30411807a7b1


Used to show the “Ask a Question” in the reviews widget to leave a question for the specified product.


Any valid product ID in the format shopify- e.g. shopify-1234567.


Giving The Widget A Data Source

Without specifying a data source for the questions, the widget will show all questions for your store. You can provide either a Product ID or a Group ID to use that as the data source for the questions.

Product Widget

<div data-oke-questions-widget data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>"></div>

Group Widget

<div data-oke-questions-widget data-oke-reviews-group-id="<GROUP_ID>"></div>

Specifying a Product To Ask About

When the widget is in all-reviews or grouped mode an explicit Product ID is needed to show the "Ask a Question" button.

<div data-oke-questions-widget data-oke-reviews-ask-question-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>"></div>

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