Star Rating


Star Ratings build shopper trust on collection and product pages with subtle yet powerful displays of customer feedback. Star Ratings show the average aggregated rating of published customer reviews as well as the total number of published reviews.


Instructions for a Shopify Online Store 2.0 installation can be found here.


The preferred method of configuring the Star Rating is via the Okendo Admin which can be accessed in the Okendo app via Reviews -> On-Site Displays:

Data Attributes

Use these data attributes on the widget markup to customise its configuration. None of these attributes are required.

Data AttributeDescriptionValue TypeSupported ValuesRequired


This tells Widget Plus to show a star rating when the element is initialised.


Used to specify a Shopify Product ID with the word shopify- in front of it. The star snippet will only show aggregate data for a particular product.



Used to specify an Okendo Group ID so that the star snippet only shows aggregate data for that particular group of products.


Any valid product group ID in a GUID format e.g. 69d2e67d-b980-4333-97b7-30411807a7b1


Determines whether or not to show the star snippet with the aggregate data from all reviews.


true, false


Determines whether or not clicking the star snippet will scroll to the reviews widget.


true, false

One of the following data attributes must be used in conjunction with the data-oke-star-rating attribute:

  1. data-oke-reviews-product-id

  2. data-oke-reviews-group-id

  3. data-oke-all-reviews


Giving The Widget A Data Source

Without specifying a data source for the reviews, the widget will show all reviews for your store. You can provide either a Product ID or a Group ID to use that as the data source for the reviews.

Product Widget

<div data-oke-star-rating data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>"></div>

The product widget also has some pre-rendered content stored in Shopify Metafields that we recommend including for increased performance on-site:

<div data-oke-star-rating data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-<PRODUCT_ID>">
    {{ product.metafields.okendo.StarRatingSnippet }}

Grouped Widget

<div data-oke-star-rating data-oke-reviews-group-id="<GROUP_ID>"></div>

All Reviews Widget

<div data-oke-star-rating data-oke-all-reviews="true"></div>

Okendo Legacy Widget Backwards Compatibility

During a migration from our Legacy Widget to Widget Plus it is useful to keep showing the Legacy Widget until Widget Plus is enabled. This snippet shows how this can be achieved:

{% if shop.metafields.okendo.settings.isWidgetPlusEnabled == true %}
    {% assign renderWidgetPlusContent = true %}
{% elsif shop.metafields.okendo.settings.isWidgetPlusAdminEnabled == true %}
    {% if request.design_mode or theme.role == "unpublished" %}
	{% assign renderWidgetPlusContent = true %}
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}

{% if renderWidgetPlusContent == true %}
    <div data-oke-star-rating data-oke-reviews-product-id="shopify-{{ }}">
        {{ product.metafields.okendo.StarRatingSnippet }}
{% else %}
    <div data-oke-reviews-product-listing-rating>
        {{ product.metafields.okendo.ProductListingSnippet }}
{% endif %}

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